A knowledgeable attorney with strong corporate experience

A knowledgeable attorney

with strong corporate experience

Serving New York, Connecticut and Colorado.


When the stakes are high and you have questions about the law, questions about running your business or about a new contract, you get direct access to Attorney Shepro or another experienced attorney. You get business and legal counseling fast.

Attorney Shepro has worked with growing companies for over twenty years in a wide variety of business matters, from corporate finance to contract litigation. He understands your business and he understands the law: Business Law, Contracts, Employment Law, International Business, and Corporate Governance.

As your attorney, in every contract and every transaction, Jeff looks for factors that could potentially affect your bottom line. He will help you draft contracts that protect your rights and best interests and will zealously pursue the most beneficial terms for you in every deal.


Jeff, I wanted to tell you that I think you are a true gentlemen and you have been a sheer pleasure to deal with … I have been more than impressed with your high level of responsiveness, the speed in which you get things done and your endearing empathetic demeanor. … You have a great way about you — don’t ever change. Your tact and ability to delicately help your client through a difficult period is something that cannot be taught. You either have it or you don’t — and you have it. My wife echoes the same sentiments. Thanks again for all of your help… Best, AK

What To Expect From Jeff

When you rely on Jeff to handle your company’s legal matters you can expect experience, dedication and diligence.

Experience provides the knowledge necessary to solve problems, help clients grow, and get deals done. Jeff’s experience in corporate finance, contract litigation, and as a business lawyer, gives him the knowledge and ability to help his clients grow their business, and solve issues with operations, management, employment, contracts, vendors, and more. With Jeff on your side, you’ll have the skills needed to get deals done and keep deals alive even when challenges arise.

As a dedicated attorney, Jeff’s clients clients get a direct line to him. He makes it easy to get a hold of him by answering the phone and returning calls and emails quickly. He is dedicated to his client’s satisfaction by listening, embracing open communication, explaining complex matters in an understandable way, and providing detailed billing.

Diligence means Jeff works hard to get deals done. It means that he completes tasks as quickly as possible. In fact, Attorney Shepro limits the number of clients that he represent at any given time to ensure that he can complete requests in a high quality and timely manner.

Recent Work

Clients get a direct line to Jeff and can expect unrivaled personalized attention, counsel and service.


Contact Jeff Shepro to discuss your unique legal needs and strategies that protect your rights, increase your profit, and build the foundation for ultimate success.